Monday, June 30, 2008

Action Shots

This was our first trip to the bowling alley. And of course, I forget to bring my real camera. These are taken with my camera phone.

Our Little Rocker

Yes, she is wearing a Black Sabbath t-shirt. She is her Daddy's Little Girl.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It is practically a swamp in here

So we finally got our swamp cooler (or evaporative cooler, if you want to be fancy) up and running today. Got a handyman to come out and check it and fix a couple of things now it is swampy and cool in the house, just the way I like it!

My mom reminded me today that I haven't posted in awhile. So, I am going to work on getting back in the habit. I have been working on the computer so much lately for some of the projects I have been finishing up, not to mention homework, that the "free time" on the computer for stuff like blogging has been falling by the wayside. It is past 11:30 right now, and I am surprised I am making any sense, I have been up past 1:00am for the last two nights in a row and I still have to get up at 6:15am to get Elizabeth ready for the bus. Thankfully, I have finished up the Girl Scout end-of-the-year slideshow I was working on as well as the end-of-year gift for Elizabeth's teacher that took much longer than I had anticipated. And, this is Elizabeth's last week of school - Kindergarten done already! It is hard to believe, she has two days left and then she will be a first grader! YIKES! We are planning a trip to San Diego next week for a couple of days to stay with my sister and we are taking the kids to the beach for the first time. I just hope I don't forget my camera like I did when we took them bowling for the first time this last weekend. I do have a couple of photos from my phone that I will try to load up soon.

Got to get to bed now.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

First Ballgame

I had forgotten to post a couple of photos from my phone. This one is of the kids first trip to a real ballpark. It is our local minor league team, the Mavericks. They did have a good time (contrary to how it looks in the photo), once Liam got over the fact that he would only be watching the game and not playing on the field with "his team".