Sunday, August 31, 2008

My little Chefs

Gotta love the $1 section at Target. I found these and just couldn't resist. Don't they make cute Chefs?

Now Liam wants to help me make dinner every night.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's a, it's a Kangaroo

We went to check out the new Sportsman's Werehouse in Victorville (kind of a Bass Pro Shop kind of place, I guess). In front of the store they have these statues of an elk, and stag. Liam saw them as we drove up and I asked him if he knew what they were, and he said, "yeah"! I said, "what are they"? He says, "it is a Kangaroo"!

So, obviously my son has never been to Australia... he has seen a few deer however when we were back east at my Mom's house. I guess he was too young to remember.

I got him to pose with his new friend Mr. Kangaroo, he wanted to ride it, but I told him we weren't allowed.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Well we finally managed to get all the cousins together for a studio photograph session for the first time since Liam was a couple of months old. Bryce, Jace, Shelby, Owen, Elizabeth, and Liam all wore white tee-shirts and jeans and we got some really great shots of them together. The photographer also took photos of each pair of siblings. These are the ones we got of my two kids.

Fun Photo

This photo was taken after Fourth of July (well, technically the fifth of July) Fireworks show. Liam and Elizabeth both had over a dozen glow bracelets that they were playing with down by the lake while we were waiting for the fireworks show to start. Elizabeth fell asleep wearing her bracelets and I snapped a couple photos.

Junior University

Elizabeth and I went to see a Junior University production of Jungle Book with Bryce and Grandma Bonnie on July 19th. Elizabeth did great during the show, she really liked all the costumes. She was super-excited to get autographs from the cast after the show. I had made her an autograph book with jungle book graphics and she had a great time getting autographs and having her picture taken with her favorite castmembers.

First Day of School

First Grade!

I can't believe my baby is old enough to be in first grade. She was just so excited to go back to school. She wanted to take the bus to school, but she wanted me to follow the bus to school also. I have to say, it was much easier for me this year. I put her on the bus and then headed straight for the school. Liam and I had to park way down the street, because apparently I wasn't the only parent who wanted to be there for the first day. I waited out in the playground area with some other parents, and I didn't see Elizabeth for about 15 minutes until she ran up and hugged me. I didn't feel that panicked feeling as last year, I know she knows the routine now. She goes to school from 8:30am to 4:30pm now, and doesn't get off the bus until almost 5pm everyday. So, now at the end of the first week we are still adjusting to the new schedule. She has been very tired and crabby this whole week.