Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Project Life Tuesday: Week Seven

First, I have to mention that I somehow left out a photo from a couple weeks back, and that got me all off track with my Sunday to Saturday schedule.  So, I am going to post the missing photo and then the rest of the photos for this past week and that should get me back to 'normal' whatever that is!
This is the face of someone who doesn't want to leave the fun when it is time to go home!

At least she is smiling in this photo!  Although, all these teeth she is losing, it keeps making me have dreams of losing my teeth.  Her smile is just too cute right now!

Butterfly wing experiment.  I am trying to teach myself how to make them.  Don't you just love the carpet in my craft room?  Can you tell the kids love paint?

Concentration...what a face!

We had him bathed and shaved, I guess he is a little chilly now :)

Cookie Booth!

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far said...

I sure do miss those little faces!! Thank you for sharing them.