Thursday, February 4, 2010

Yet another reason to love Costco...

So, Valentine's Day is coming up, and I wasn't really feeling the whole 'handmade cards' thing we did last year.  I got the idea that I should make a digital valentine and have them printed out.  So, I got to thinking, if I use Costco's 6 in. X 7.5 in. blank template I could make Valentine's for Elizabeth to take to school, and have some leftover to send out to some family members.  I made one for each of the kids, with their photos and then I will cut them in half for the ones Elizabeth has to take to school, and I will leave them whole for those I am sending in the mail.  $14.99 for 50 cards plus envelopes. Maybe more than I would have spent on the Barbie or My Little Pony Valentine's, but these are way cuter, and we don't have the hassle of signing all of them.  I only wish I had seen this post before I finished mine, they are too cute!!!  Oh well, there is always next year!

Okay family, no peeking at the finished product.  You will get yours in the mail next week!

A friend saw these and asked me to create one for her, she has three kids, but only two in school.  So I broke the 'canvas' into thirds and created two 3 in X 3.75 in valentine's for her two school aged kids to exchange at school.  And one 6 in X 3.75 in 'Family' valentine to send out to relatives.  Since they are not mine, I blurred out the faces and blacked out the names, but you can get the idea.

I know it looks really busy when it is all on one page, but it is meant to be cut apart.

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